How to write a cover letter as a software developer (cover letter included)

In this article, I would like to share my tips on writing a cover letter. To get the most out it I would recommend reading my cover letter, which is the one I used for my application at Forty2. (This is not the company’s real name.)

jumping high
jumping high
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After applying my tips on networking and writing a CV, I completed each job application with its own cover letter and this resulted in being invited to various interviews.

This will make the cover letter a lot more personal and not just the same cover letter you send out to hundreds of companies. Example: “After looking at your website, which I discovered on, I got the impression that Forty2 is a modern and dynamic company that enjoys taking on challenges.”

Anyone can list their skills in a cover letter but a more effective cover letter is one that describes your experiences. Example: “In this project I have been able to learn how to write code efficiently in a team, improve legacy code and implement new features according to the client’s needs.”

Enthusiasm leads to motivation and motivation leads to results. If you’re applying for a position as an Android developer an example would be “My passion for Android development started when…”

This adds to the personal touch that your cover letter started within tip 1. Example: “I would like to improve on these skills and learn new ones with Forty2”

If you have already described your experiences (tip 2) and shown your enthusiasm (tip 3) sum up your cover letter with the strengths and enthusiasm you have portrayed. Don’t forget to name the company (tip 4) and the position you are applying for once again. Example: “With my determination, passion for software development and ability to adapt to new situations, I believe I am a good candidate as an Android developer at Forty2.”

Additional resources from well known universities:

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