Learn Firebase web with these resources

2 min readSep 22, 2018

In this article, I would like to share the resources I used to help me learn Firebase for web development.


TLDR (too long; didn’t read)

The documentation is a pleasure to read. First, start with the code labs and then move on to the guides. If you like watching videos, subscribe to the Firecasts YouTube channel. Also, they have amazing support if you ever need to get in contact with them.

Assumed Knowledge

Before starting with these resources you should have some experience with JavaScript. If you feel that you are lacking some (or a lot of) knowledge I would recommend having a look at Learn JavaScript with these resources.

Firebase Web Codelab


  • Background: I would recommend starting with this tutorial to get an overview of what Firebase has to offer for web apps.
  • Length: 1 hour

Getting Started with React and Firebase — Firecasts


  • Background: If you are curious to see how to integrate Firebase with your React app, I would recommend watching this video.
  • Assumed knowledge: Learn React with these Resources
  • Length: 5 mins

The key to Firebase security — Google I/O 2016


  • Background: If you plan on using your app in production, I would recommend watching this video before going live.
  • Length: 44 mins

Lessons from a small Firebase project — James Beswick


  • Background: This article made me shy away from Firebase in the beginning because of the pain the author had with Firebase. I haven’t experienced the same pain but I think it’s worth seeing different perspectives.
  • Length: 9 mins

Automatically deploy to Firebase with Gitlab CI — Dennis Alund


  • Background: If you are planning on using Gitlab CI, I would recommend reading this article.
  • Length: 5 mins

Mocking Firebase using Jest


  • Background: I would recommend looking at this gist if you plan on testing your code (which should be everyone!).
  • Length: 89 lines

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